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  • Global Rise in Penis Cancer – What You Need to Know

Global Rise in Penis Cancer – What You Need to Know

Cases are rising globally, with experts predicting a 77% increase by 2050, especially in European countries.

A Message from Dr. McMillan

The global increase in cancer cases is a pressing issue that demands urgent investigation. Although the trend has generally been upward, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have accelerated this rise. While it's challenging to pinpoint the exact causes during the pandemic, all potential factors must be explored. One area of concern is the use of mRNA vaccine technology, which involves evading cellular immunity to produce the spike protein. This warrants closer scientific scrutiny.


Dr. Philip McMillan

In this week’s July 5, 2024 update:

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  • Health: Olive compound helps treat obesity and diabetes

  • Infographic: What are regulatory & effector immune cells?

  • COVID-19: Dexamethasone's effectiveness in severe cases

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  • Penis cancer cases are rising globally, with experts predicting a 77% increase by 2050, especially in European countries.

  • Risk factors include being over 50, narrowed foreskin, poor genital hygiene, smoking tobacco, and HPV infection.

  • HPV is responsible for about half of squamous cell cancer cases, which account for over 90% of penis cancers.

  • Early diagnosis is crucial, but often delayed due to patient embarrassment and misclassification of lesions by doctors.

Why is this Important: Rising penis cancer rates, particularly in Europe, underscore the urgent need for increased awareness, early detection, and preventive measures. Understanding risk factors like HPV infection and promoting better hygiene practices can significantly reduce cases. Timely diagnosis and emerging treatments offer hope, emphasizing the importance of overcoming stigma and improving medical education. [SOURCE]


  • Elenolic acid, found in olives, lowers blood sugar and promotes weight loss in obese diabetic mice.

  • The compound's glucose-lowering effect is comparable to liraglutide and better than metformin.

  • Elenolic acid induces the release of GLP-1 and PYY hormones, which control appetite and blood sugar.

  • After 4-5 weeks, treated mice showed 10.7% obesity reduction and blood sugar levels similar to healthy lean mice.

Why is this Important: Elenolic acid's potential as a natural, affordable treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes offers hope for millions. By mimicking eating-induced hormone release, it effectively reduces weight and blood sugar levels, potentially providing a safer alternative to current medications with fewer side effects. [SOURCE]



  • Researchers discovered how dexamethasone influences the impaired inflammatory response in severe COVID-19 patients using single-cell analyses.

  • A specific type of immune cell, monocytes, is responsible for the varying reactions to dexamethasone treatment.

  • The study identified a method to predict early in treatment whether dexamethasone will be effective for a patient.

  • This approach could potentially speed up drug development and enable personalized therapies for other diseases beyond COVID-19.

Why is this Important: Unraveling dexamethasone's mechanism in severe COVID-19 opens doors to personalized medicine and accelerated drug development. By identifying monocytes as key indicators of treatment efficacy, researchers have paved the way for early prediction of patient outcomes and potential application of this approach to other diseases. [SOURCE]


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  • Always supervise children near water, designate a "water watcher," and ensure they wear properly fitted life jackets.

  • Learn CPR and basic water rescue skills; keep a phone nearby for emergencies.

  • Be aware of water conditions, including rip currents at beaches, and swim in areas with lifeguards.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption while swimming or supervising others in the water.

Why is this Important: Water safety awareness saves lives. By emphasizing supervision, CPR skills, and understanding water conditions, these guidelines help prevent drownings and water-related accidents. Implementing these practices ensures safer enjoyment of beaches and pools, potentially reducing the 4,000 annual drowning deaths in the U.S.



🚥 Maternal History of Memory Problems Linked to Higher Alzheimer's Risk in Offspring: Uncovering the link between maternal cognitive problems and increased Alzheimer's risk in offspring provides a crucial early warning system. This knowledge empowers individuals to take proactive steps, potentially delaying or preventing dementia onset through lifestyle modifications and early interventions, ultimately improving long-term health outcomes. [SOURCE]

🚥 Motor-sensory biases linked to cognitive and social abilities in humans: Unveiling the link between motor-sensory biases and cognitive-social abilities offers crucial insights into human brain organization. By demonstrating that moderate hand lateralization correlates with task success and language fluency, while reversed laterality profiles associate with social difficulties, this research provides a new framework for understanding neurodevelopmental conditions and potential early interventions. [SOURCE]

🚥 Extended-release ketamine tablets show promise for treating depression without psychedelic effects: This breakthrough in depression treatment offers a promising alternative to traditional antidepressants and electro-shock therapy. The extended-release ketamine pill potentially reduces abuse risks and psychedelic side effects while maintaining efficacy, addressing concerns about ketamine misuse and expanding treatment options for those with severe, treatment-resistant depression. [SOURCE]

🚥 Gratitude Reduces Desire for Immediate Rewards, Study Finds: Harnessing gratitude as an emotional tool could revolutionize decision-making and self-control strategies. By reducing the desire for immediate rewards, gratitude may help individuals make better financial choices, combat obesity, and improve overall well-being. This simple yet powerful approach offers a practical solution to various personal and societal challenges. [SOURCE]

🚥 Reducing Processed Meat Consumption Linked to Significant Health Benefits: Halving meat consumption could revolutionize global health and environmental sustainability. With potential to prevent 73 million premature deaths, increase life expectancy by 5.7 years, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and land use, this dietary shift offers a partial solution to interconnected global challenges.. [SOURCE]

🚥 Beauty and Risky Behaviors: How Attractiveness Shapes Adolescent Decision-Making: These findings illuminate the complex interplay between physical attractiveness and adolescent risk-taking behaviors. By revealing how beauty influences social dynamics and personal traits, the research provides crucial insights for developing targeted interventions to mitigate risky behaviors and promote healthier choices among teenagers, potentially shaping long-term life outcomes. [SOURCE]


Set within a child’s nose, ‘Humming Heroes’ features a family of Lymphocytes led by a wise Mother, brave Father, determined Brother, and heroic Baby, confronting invading microorganisms. The story takes an imaginative turn, when a humming melody combines with the Lymphocytes’ song to repel the invaders and restore inner harmony.


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