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  • Excess mortality remained high in 2020-2022 despite COVID measures

Excess mortality remained high in 2020-2022 despite COVID measures

3,098,456 excess deaths occurred in 47 Western countries from Jan 2020 to Dec 2022.

A Message from Dr. McMillan

Dear readers,
Thank you for reading our latest newsletter. This week, we want to draw your attention to one of the most serious challenges currently being faced by health sectors around the world: persistently elevated excess deaths.

Our research indicates that this concerning trend seems to be occurring primarily in regions with high vaccination rates.

Based on our analysis into autoimmunity, the most probable link is related to a combination of vaccine-induced immune priming and recurring COVID-19 infections driving inflammatory responses in the body.

This is an urgent issue that requires immediate attention and action from health agencies and authorities. More research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms at play and to develop targeted interventions to address this growing problem.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide updates as new information becomes available. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our work.


Dr. Philip McMillan

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  • 3,098,456 excess deaths occurred in 47 Western countries from Jan 2020 to Dec 2022.

  • The highest number of excess deaths (1,256,942) was in 2021 when both COVID measures and vaccines were used.

  • In 2022, with most measures lifted but vaccines continued, preliminary data shows 808,392 excess deaths.

  • The study suggests COVID-19 vaccines, which had documented suspected adverse events, may be to blame for excess mortality.

Why is this Important: Unprecedented excess deaths persisted in the West from 2020-2022 despite COVID measures and vaccines, with researchers suggesting the vaccines themselves, which had documented adverse events, may be responsible for the alarming mortality rates that peaked in 2021 when mass vaccination and lockdowns coincided.


  • Microplastics were found in all human semen samples tested in a recent study by Chinese researchers.

  • Eight different types of plastic were identified, with polystyrene, polyethylene, and PVC being the most common.

  • The presence of PVC microplastics in semen was correlated with decreased sperm motility.

  • The findings raise concerns about the potential impact of microplastic exposure on male reproductive health and fertility.

Why is this Important: The presence of microplastics in all human semen samples tested raises alarming concerns about the potential impact on male reproductive health and fertility. This discovery underscores the urgent need for further research to understand the extent of human contamination and its relation to declining sperm quality and infertility rates worldwide.



  • Two Alzheimer's patients, Cici Zerbe and Simon Nicholls, claim to have reversed symptoms through lifestyle changes.

  • Zerbe participated in a clinical trial involving a plant-based diet, exercise, support sessions, yoga, and meditation.

  • Nicholls, who has a high genetic risk for Alzheimer's, saw biomarkers disappear after 14 months of treatment.

  • While inspiring, these individual recoveries should be approached with caution until more research is conducted and published.

Why is this Important: Zerbe and Nicholls's remarkable recoveries through lifestyle changes offer hope for Alzheimer's patients, suggesting that a combination of diet, exercise, and support may slow or even reverse symptoms. However, more research is needed to confirm these individual cases before drawing definitive conclusions about the effectiveness of such interventions.


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  • A two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Australia tested positive for H5N1 bird flu after traveling to India.

  • The girl required intensive care treatment in a Melbourne hospital for a week due to worsening symptoms.

  • This is the first confirmed human case of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus reported by Australia.

  • The WHO assesses the current risk to the general population posed by the H5N1 virus as low.

Why is this Important: The first confirmed human H5N1 bird flu case in Australia, likely contracted in India, underscores the ongoing global risk of avian influenza transmission from infected birds to humans. Although human-to-human spread appears limited, continued vigilance and preventive measures are crucial to mitigate potential outbreaks.



🚥 Generation X experiencing higher cancer incidence rates than previous generations, study finds: Generation X is experiencing higher cancer incidence rates than previous generations, suggesting cancer rates may remain elevated for decades if current trends continue. This concerning finding highlights the urgent need to identify contemporary cancer causes and develop novel prevention strategies to reduce the growing cancer burden.

🚥 Reducing TV Time and Increasing Physical Activity Linked to Healthier Aging, Study Finds: Reducing sedentary TV time and increasing physical activity, even light housework, significantly improves odds of disease-free aging with good physical and mental health after 70. Replacing TV with exercise or adequate sleep is key, expanding research linking longer lifespan to less sitting with evidence of better overall health.

🚥Regular melatonin use linked to reduced risk and slower progression of age-related macular degeneration: Melatonin's potential to prevent or slow age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in older adults, provides a compelling rationale for further clinical research into its therapeutic efficacy as an accessible, low-cost intervention.

🚥 Meta-Analysis Finds Garlic Supplementation Significantly Lowers Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, and Lipid Levels: Garlic supplementation shows promise for managing cardiovascular and metabolic disorders by significantly reducing blood glucose, cholesterol, and lipid levels in humans, suggesting its potential as a preventative or therapeutic option that warrants further research to optimize dosage and understand the mechanisms of action.

🚥Ultra-processed plant-based foods linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, study finds: Dietary guidelines should emphasize reducing all ultra-processed food consumption, not just limiting meat and animal products, as plant-based ultra-processed foods are linked to increased cardiovascular disease risk and mortality, while minimally processed plant foods are associated with better health outcomes, according to a large-scale study.


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